A Morally Corrupt Virgin


Sir Richard Branson’s airline abuses a hero.

Media Try to Report Lars Hedegaard’s New Address

Lars Hedegaard

A Muslim assassination attempt survivor learns his ordeal is far from over.

Lying About Immigration in Norway


State media conceal the fact that Norwegians will soon become a minority in their own country.

Rehabilitating the ‘Disposable Sex’


One professor’s effort to undo the damage of feminist man-hatred.

Seven Ways of Looking at Dennis Rodman


What the basketball star’s visit to North Korea says about American celebrity culture.

Canadian Supreme Court Kills Last Hope for Free Speech


Even stating factual information will be met with state oppression.

Europe: A Continent in Flight


More and more people are abandoning their communities to escape Islamic tyranny.

Swedes Propose Open Borders & Polygamy


Even the center-right faction is jumping on the Sharia bandwagon.

“A Culture of Cowards”

Lars Hedegaard

Stifling the news about the murder attempt on Lars Hedegaard.

First Ayaan, Now Fiamma

Fiamma Nirenstein

Another courageous European parliamentarian departs Europe.