Three Democrat Women for Dependency


Who is really destroying women’s independence?

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The Muslim Brothers Take Over Egypt


And silence from the Obama administration.

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Time for ‘Liberals’ and ‘Progressives’ to Get New Labels


Searching for a better term for intolerant reactionaries.

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What the Ryan Choice Means for November


A stark choice awaits voters.

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Will Democracy’s Critics Be Proven Right This November?


Why the upcoming election will put the viability of popular governance to the test.

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Romney and the Palestinian Culture of Destruction


The presidential hopeful points to the right reason for the Palestinians’ failure to develop.

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The Media’s Racial Prison


Campaign race rhetoric heats up — and reveals the bigotry in the leftist mind.

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Aurora & Fort Hood: A Tale of Two Massacres


What the two tragedies reveal about the leftist mind.

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The Democracy Delusion and Obama’s Failed Mideast Policy


When will the interests of the United States factor into the President’s foreign policy calculations?

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Get Ready For More Charges of Racism


Why Obama must continue to shift blame elsewhere.

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