GLAAD Condemns “The Dilemma’s” Gay Joke: Justified Offense or Political Correctness Run Amok?

GLAAD says Vince Vaughn’s new movie bombed because it stigmatizes electric cars as gay. But stereotypes aren’t a new phenomenon in comedy, and neither are double-standards about offending moviegoers.

Bill Maher Rewrites and Ignores History to Pit the Founding Fathers Against the Tea Party

Left-wing satirist Bill Maher is taking his hatred of the Tea Party movement to the next level. Evidently epithets like crazy, stupid, and racist no longer satisfy him, and he’s decided it’s time to hit “teabaggers” where it really hurts: by mocking their reverence for America’s Founding Fathers, suggesting the Founders’ values aren’t their own.

The Left’s Attack On Palin’s Response to the Tucson Tragedy is All About Appeasement, Not Gun Imagery

In the wake of this weekend’s shooting in Arizona, the opportunists of the Left barely waited for the bodies to cool or for confirmation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ fate before pouncing on what simply had to be the atrocity’s root cause: Sarah Palin. Even though indications of culprit Jared Loughner’s true mindset started appearing on [...]

“Archie” Brings Obama and Palin Together, Does More Uniting Than the Real Uniter We Elected

Considering how often left-wing propaganda infiltrates our popular culture, it’s only fair that we acknowledge entertainment media that opts to remain above the fray.

The Top 8 Most Conservative Episodes of “The Twilight Zone”

Between Light and Shadow

Race Police Turn on Roger Ebert Over Politically-Incorrect Tweets

The announced revisions of Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn—“replac[ing] the ‘N’ word with slave, ‘injun’ with Indian, and ‘half-breed’ with half blood”—have demonstrated that leftists don’t always practice what they preach when it comes to respecting artist’ creative work or sheltering children from controversial subject matter.

The Top 8 Most Conservative Episodes of “The Twilight Zone”

Between Light and Shadow

The Real Story Behind Kathy Griffin’s War on the Palins: The Media Laps It Up

Kathy Griffin’s latest bid for the spotlight is her New Year’s resolution that it’s 16-year-old Willow Palin’s “turn to go down.” But does this really having anything to do with her crusade against gay bullying?

In Mocking John Boehner, David Letterman Derails a Valuable Conversation About Statesmanship

For all of the ways in which contemporary society claims to have broken free of stereotypes, there’s still one sure-fire way for men to raise eyebrows: cry in public

Katie Couric: A Muslim “Cosby Show” Could Help Cure America’s Bigotry

Sometimes outside-the-box thinking proves invaluable in solving the controversies that plague us, but sometimes it turns out to be a minefield of useless self-embarrassment. CBS anchor Katie Couric’s novel approach to combating alleged Islamophobia falls firmly in the latter camp.