Kerry, Qatar and the Poisonous Tree


Washington’s alarming alliance with jihad supporters — and how it undermines the cause against the Islamic State.

It’s Time to Beat the Jew-Haters


The rise of elite anti-Semitism — and how the Jewish community should respond.

Obama, the Virtuoso Manager


Why criticism of the president’s “incompetence” is wrong.

Benny Gantz’s Troubling Assessments


How Israel’s IDF chief of staff is facilitating the opening of Gaza’s borders.

Bringing Happiness to Iran


Should Israel openly support internal opponents of the Islamic Republic?

Israel Bashers’ Phony Contrition

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.13.04 AM

European high society launches a vicious anti-Semitic attack against the Jewish State.

Netanyahu’s Statements and Policies


Decoding the Israeli prime minister’s message to the Obama administration.

Kicking the PLO Habit

Why the lives of Israelis and Palestinians will only get worse with the successors of Arafat in power.

A Prayer for 5775


My hope for the American Jewish community this Rosh Hashana.

Why Rouhani Loves NY

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani takes questions from journalists during a news conference in New York

The embattled regime looks to the West to save it.