The ZOA’s Leadership Challenge


The most important American Jewish organization and how it can shape the future.

The Israeli Solution


A one-state plan for peace in the Middle East.

Rousing the Americans from Their Slumber


… Before disaster strikes again.

The Anti-Zionist Challenge to the Jewish Establishment

jews boycotting israel

Why the target of groups like J Street is not the Right, but the leftist Jewish establishment.

Why Turkey Is Gone for Good


Another jihadist world power rises.

AIPAC and Iran’s War Against America


Why the pro-Israel lobbying group walked away from the Iranian sanctions push.

Iran’s Bomb in the Basement


The Middle East arms race begins.

Kerry’s Israeli Supporters


Just who is enabling the secretary of state’s aggression toward Israel?

Trying to Scare Israel


Why the voices clamoring for Israel to give up more of its rights are putting the country at risk.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day’s Fatal Flaw

Anne Frank

How the memorial day serves as cover for Europe’s growing anti-Semitism.