The Left Against Zion


Can the advance of the anti-Israel movement be reversed?

Kerry Forces Israel’s Moment of Decision

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Why the time has come for the Jewish State to free itself from the two-state trap.

Pollard and an American Jewish Renaissance


How the fight for Pollard’s freedom can reinvigorate the U.S. Jewish community.

Obama’s Four-State Solution


Why Israel’s “demographic time bomb” is a PLO-concocted lie.

The Politics of Subversion


Whose interests are Israel’s leftist politicians really fighting for?

The Goal of Obama’s Foreign Policy


What we can conclude from the Iranian nuke deal.

A Vastly Changed Middle East

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about Syria during a joint news conference with Swedish Prime Minister in Stockholm

Could the nation states of the region be on the verge of disintegration?

The Demise of Pax Americana


Only Congress can salvage America’s credibility now.

The Greatest Threat to Israeli Democracy


Meet the mafia family attacking the government from within.

Time to Reassess Israel’s Strategic Assumptions


Why the greatest threat may lie within.