Ignoring the Elephant

West Bank Israeli Teens Kidnapping

Kidnapped Israeli teens deserve what they get, according to the media, because they are Jews.

Hezbollah and Israel’s Lawyers-in-Chief


How Israeli civilian interests are being subordinated to the interests of their enemies.

Pragmatism, Obama and the Bergdahl Swap


How ideology blinded a president to the public rejection of trading five terrorists for a deserter.

Ending Abbas’s Winning Streak

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas holds a

The time has come to shut off the money supply to the Palestinians.

Pope Francis’ Unfriendly Visit


The Golden Age of Catholic-Jewish relations seems to have come to an end.

Letting Go of Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas

Why the Palestinian Authority chief is not an asset — but a liability.

From Latma to ‘Yisrael Hayom’


Popular media reforms thwarted in Israel — to benefit the Left.

Believing Obama on Iran


Why Israeli anxieties are mounting.

A Sad Independence Day


How organizations like J Street are destroying Diaspora Jews’ pride in the Jewish homeland.

Rand Paul’s Support for Israel


The senator is a complicated character. That doesn’t make him Israel’s enemy.