Obama’s ‘Red Line’ For Syria, But Not for Iran


Which poses the greatest danger to U.S. interests?

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The U.S.’s Iran Delusion


Sanctions have only seen the acceleration of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

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Israel’s Futile ‘Goodwill Gestures’


Netanyahu’s overtures earn only more Palestinian denial of the Jewish connection to the Holy Land.

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Obama on Libya vs. Obama on Israel


If Iran were threatening France and Britain, would the president hesitate to support their right to self-preservation?

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Palestinian ‘Reconciliation’ a Blessing in Disguise?


Why the death of the “peace process” farce may benefit the Netanyahu government in dealing with Iran.

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Why Thomas Friedman Hates Israel


The desperate flailing of a bankrupt ideology.

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Gilad Shalit and the Future Palestinian State


What the prisoner swap really tells us about “Palestine.”

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The Destruction of ‘Peace’


Why the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty is over.

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The Point of the Palestinian Statehood Bid


In their own words, independence is not the goal.

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The Arabs’ Indifference to Palestinians


Why the supposed commitment to the Palestinian cause is a mirage.

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