Islam and Democracy – Much Hard Work Needed


Can the Muslim world overcome its anti-democratic Islamist movement?

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Turmoil in Tunisia


Could the recent Tunisian coup embolden the Arab Islamist movement throughout the region?

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Is Saudi Arabia Opening Up?


One of the most retrograde countries on earth has made surprising — but reluctant — progress in recent years.

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Pouring Cold Water on WikiLeaks


Are the Saudis manipulating the U.S. through diplomacy?

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Oklahoma Says No to Sharia


But the Islamists won’t go quietly.

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Germany’s Freiheit Party Joins the Fray


A new German political party seeks to resist Islamization and support Israel.

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Israel and Congressional Democrats


The two U.S. parties grow further apart.

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Age of the Facebook Fatwah


How powerful is the Internet in aiding Islamist death threats?

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When Israel Stood Up to Washington


Thirty years ago, in contrast to Netanyahu’s repeated apologies, Menachem Begin adopted quite a different approach.

CAIR Attacks the Foreign Policy Research Institute


The infamous Muslim “civil-rights” group is up to its usual assault on the discussion of Islam.