The Looming ObamaCare Market Crash


How ObamaCare will damage the economy; let us count the ways.

Southland: TV’s Most Politically Incorrect Show?

Southland may very well be the most politically incorrect show on TV. Here’s why.

Ignore the Violent Rhetoric of the Man in Front of the Camera: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 60

Why is it that MSNBC has not posted its shows’ transcripts since the Tucson shootings?

Chris Matthews: America Assassination Capital of the World!

Chris Matthews is just sure that if he yells loud enough, his fantasies will come true. While ridiculing others for lack of historical, geographical or scientific knowledge, Chris reveals himself to be nearly illiterate on all 3 counts. He has: Wondered why “frogmen” like “in Captain Nemo” didn’t plug the BP oil spill at twice [...]

American Psycho: Meltdown With Keith Olbermann Part 59, Tuscon Shooting Edition

On Saturday, MSNBC, like every other news channel, went all Tuscon shooting all the time. So, they dragged Keith Olbermann in for a “Special Comment,” and Keith quickly spotted the real story… Keith Olbermann.

Left-wing Nutbag Kills Bush-Appointed Judge

Now there is a headline you won’t see in the lamestream media, blogs on the left or MSNBC.

Countdown of Meltdowns with Keith Olbermann from 2010: Longer, Louder, Less Relevant

Video Top 10: Olbermann’s Greatest Hits

Toads, Trolls and Chris Matthews’ “Non-Partisan” Fantasy Land

Chris Matthews claimed to be non-partisan, but went on a wild ride the week before Christmas, calling Republicans vicious, chilling killers, trolls and toads.

Video Top 10: Olbermann’s Greatest Hits

Countdown of Meltdowns with Keith Olbermann from 2010 Longer, Louder, Less Relevant

Chrissy Matthews’s Big Thrill — “Love Actually”?

The host of Hardball hands in his man card once and for all.