Big Brother’s Health Care

Jew-Haters of Occupy Wall Street


Drive out the Zionist Jews.

The Destroyers


Driven by their primary emotions which are envy, resentment and hate.

The Destroyers


A friend of mine sagely observed that the difference between conservatives and leftists is that we are creators and they are destroyers. You couldn’t have a better picture of that than the contrast between the peaceful Tea Party demonstrators and the mobs defacing cities and causing millions of dollars in damage all over America and […]

In Case You Didn’t Think It Could Happen Here


The fascist face of Occupy Wall Street

Hatred Is Their Identity


The great Palestinian lie.

Hatred Is Their Identity

Another sober editorial from Pat Condell

Here is how Democrats Cripple the Poor and Create a Permanent Underclass

A Point in Time

Stanley Kurtz has written a generous blog about my new book A Point In Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next at NRO’s Corner.    


Islamophobia pamphlet cover July 29 small file

Think Progress issues a slanderous report on “Islamophobia” designed to silence critics of Islamic terror.