Neo-Communism Out of the Closet


The warm reception of Oliver Stone’s Kremlin propaganda is a watershed moment in American politics.

Democrats Vote the Mentally Disabled


My Thanksgiving Dinner served as an appalling reminder of the Left’s contempt for the voting process.

Oliver Stone’s Unbelievable Crap


A communist filmmaker brings his latest perverse attack on America to Showtime.

The Left After Communism


Sorry, a moral felon can’t be a good historian.

Obama Still Wants to Fundamentally Transform America


A radical’s work is never done.

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David Horowitz Discusses Persecution of Anti-Islam Filmmaker with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly


The President of the Freedom Center denounces the Obama administration’s betrayal of free speech in the face of Sharia.

Reflections of a Diaspora Jew on Zionism, America and the Fate of the Jews


Supporters of freedom are all Zionists now.

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Frontpage’s New Blog

We are pleased to announce the appearance of a new blog

Palestinians: A Disgrace to the Human Race

Watch this video interview with a happy murderer on Palestinian TV before you decide.

Ryan’s The One

I began as a skeptic of the selection of Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP