The Moral Sickness of the Palestinians and their Supporters

Last week, Israel transferred the bodies of 91 terrorists including numerous suicide bombers to the Palestinian Authority

Hitler finds out that Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election

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The Face of Islam: Kuffars Beware!


An undercover investigation yields a shocking exposé on mosques in the United Kingdom.

The Face of Islam: Kuffars Beware!

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The Coming Muslim Reich

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Who I Am


A rejoinder to the Tablet caricature.

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Another Leftist Failure To Either Respect or Understand Its Opponents: Tablet Magazine’s Caricature of Yours Truly

Tablet Magazine has posted an article about me which is inaccurate in its very essence.

The Barbarism That Is Muslim Egypt

A dark evil night is descending over Egypt

Coalition of Leftist Groups to Disrupt “Islamic Apartheid Conference”

Leftist and Islamic Groups Defame Islamic Experts, Attack Free Speech

Voices of Islam

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