CAIR Leader Runs for New York City Council


Zead Ramadan eyes a bigger platform from which to promote his Islamist agenda.

When Romney Met Kenny: Mitt’s Islamist Gamble


A word of caution on the presidential candidate’s dangerous endorsement.

Islamist Vandals Wage War on Free Speech


Vigilante censorship on behalf of Islam is on the rise.

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American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions


A telling cast of suspects in the Middle East’s new political landscape.

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Western Survival Depends on Western Pride


A French politician is raked over the coals for touting the exemplary characteristics of the West.

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CAIR’s Fight Against Pennsylvania Foreign Law Bill


Islamist operatives pull out all the stops to clear the way for Sharia in the Keystone State.

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The Slow-Motion Exodus of European Jews


Do Jews have a future in an increasingly Muslim Europe?