Proof Anti-Semitic, Self-Hating Jews Do Exist

In a recent study published this week, Belgian researchers found DNA proof that Adolf Hitler did, indeed, have Jewish ancestors. Using saliva swabs and samples from 39 of Hitler’s decedents, researchers found a chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 – rare among Europeans but common in Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. How is this relevant today? Well,while many [...]

Jews are Wising Up: Leaving the Left and Moving Right in Record Numbers

In a recent survey by respected pollster Pew Research Center, the largest religious demographic shift in political party identification came from Jews. About 12% of Jews surveyed said their party affiliation was no longer the Left-leaning Democratic Party and about 13% more now identified as Right-leaning Republicans. About 3 times more Jews recently went to [...]

Web Design FAIL: Iran’s New Holocaust Denial Cartoon Site

As a professional artist, writer, and web designer of 15 years and with almost thirty years of online experience (both web-based and BBS based), I very often scour the web for exceptional examples of web design. This week, I hit upon a doozie. Recently, Iran and it’s heavily state-controlled media wing made live a new [...]

Left-wing Anti-Semitism, Continued…

I’m learning some new words today. A “rouelle” was a yellow circular ring used in the medieval 13th century to identify Jews. Other identifying markers have been used as early as the 8th century to identify Jews for persecution. The most recent example of such a mark is the yellow “Jude” arm bands worn by [...]

“Green” Fascism Starts with Bath Time

The Department of Energy, led by Barry Obama and DOE head Steven Chu, has decided that taking a nice long shower is a waste of energy – and therefore should be regulated. In a move that is tantamount to an invasion of privacy, manufacturers may not meet a customer’s demand for an inefficient,  water-guzzling shower [...]

Researchers: For Many Voters, It’s Better to be Stupid than Right. No, Really?

We’ve all been there: You engage in a debate with a friend or family member who, it seems, would rather try to incessantly and relentlessly convince you that – say, water ain’t wet – than admit he or she’s wrong. It happens all the time. At home, in business, and especially in politics – people [...]

What’s God Got to Do with It? (A Reponse on Abortion to David Swindle, et al.)

I thought I’d throw my hat into this debate in support of the notion that elective abortion is, indeed, murder.
David Swindle argues,
“Miscarriage is a basic fact of reproduction. Not every pregnancy will result in a new human being. That’s life and we accept that. And because of that at an instinctual level we do not [...]

Calling for Rape of Israeli Girls


An Egyptian lawyer proves faithful to Islamic teachings.

YouTube Censors “We Con the World” After 3 Million Views

Youtube, citing copyright violations, has removed the now famous LatimaTV parody, “We Con The World.” After more than 3 million views, YouTube decided to reject the Fair Use doctrine that states parody as a legal use of copyrighted material and replaced the video with, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by [...]