New Front in Israel Campus Wars


Why the anti-Israel Left achieved a strategic victory with Harvard’s one-state solution conference.

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An Anti-Israel Activist’s Epiphany


And what it means for the propaganda war against the Jewish State.

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Israel and Truman’s Lesson for Obama


At this critical juncture, the president must learn from history — or be doomed to repeat it.

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Amy Kaplan and U Penn’s Anti-Israel Hate Fest


Professor explains how to covertly indoctrinate students in classes that have nothing to do with the Middle East.

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Washington’s Support of Iran’s Mass Murders


Exposed: The Obama administration secretly lobbies Congress to go easier on the Islamic Republic.

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Israel Alone Against the Islamic Republic


But an alternate scenario might be on the horizon.

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To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran


The heavy price of inaction.

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The ‘Tide of War’ Is Not Receding


Why Obama’s projections on the Middle East are wishful fantasies.

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Peace Process Lies


How the Palestinians turned peace rejectionism into a science.

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Pandering to the Persians


Has Obama already given the nod to Iran to pursue nuclear weapons?

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