CAIR’s Thought Police: At It Again


Ibrahim Hooper embarks on a jihad to delete the word “Islamist” from our vocabulary.

E-Tracking Saudi Women


What’s next, doggie shock collars for wives?

When Class Envy Kills


New details suggest a chilling motive behind a Manhattan nanny’s murder of two children.

The War Against Free Speech Rages On


Thanks to Obama, thousands of Muslims descend upon Google.

Rescuing Rimsha


A 14-year-old girl with Down’s Syndrome is threatened with murder by raging Muslims.

Arrested for Blasphemy in America?

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula's home by Los Angeles County Sheriff's officers in Cerritos, California

Anti-Islam film-maker is arrested on a technicality after enraging President Obama and Muslims worldwide.

Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network


America and the West’s fatal embrace.

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Gender Equality in Sharia Courts?


Britain’s underground Islamic legal system braces for a proposed law enforcing women’s rights.

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The Importance of Being (Peter) King


The congressman’s latest hearing on radical Islam in U.S. prisons was vital, but lacked crucial witnesses and substance.

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Britain Admits Failure of Anti-Terrorism Program


U.K. government concedes that underlying ideology must be tackled in order to get to the root cause of terrorism.

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