The Palestinians’ Jew-Free History


A worldview in which the Jewish people have never existed.

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Morality Dilemma


Why young people can’t think morally.

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Lessons from 9/11? What Lessons?


As long as people keep asking what America did to incite such hate, nothing will have been learned from 9/11.

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What if Congressional Black Caucus Were Accused of Wanting Jews Gassed?


Media owe the Tea Party an explanation.

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Israel — an Apartheid State?


Of the world’s many great lies, this is among the greatest.

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Still the Only Solution to the World’s Problems


There is only one way to achieve a great society.

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Can Islam Be Reformed?


And would a reformed Islam be recognizable?

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What Will It Take to Wake Jews Up?


Why passage of San Francisco’s circumcision ban may ultimately be a good thing.

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Ten Ways Progressive Policies Harm Society’s Moral Character


Why those the Left claims to fight for are the first to suffer under its policies.

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Ingratitude, Thy Name Is South Korea


A country that 36,000 Americans died to protect is offended by the title “Captain America.”

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