Vietnam’s Legacy of Lies


Why is there so little difference between what American students learn about Vietnam and what the country’s Communist Party teaches?

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Put Left-wing Speech Control in the Cross Hairs


How can we stop the assault on free speech?

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What You Won’t See at the State of the Union


The one American symbol the media seems to ignore.

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Libeling the Right: The Key to the Left’s Success


Left-wing hate-mongering following the Arizona shooting exposed how conservative critics really operate.

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Are We Still the Home of the Brave?


From the NFL to Yale University, are Americans becoming more risk-averse?

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The Moral Blindness of PBS


Why Travis Smiley thinks violent whites of Christian heritage are no different than jihadists.

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The Left’s Culture of Hate


Why all opposition is met with knee-jerk censorship and rage.

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Killing Whitey


Is white society to blame for Omar Thornton murdering his eight coworkers?

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Why the Left Hates Conservatives


And why the Obama administration forbids the use of the term “Islamic terror.”

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One World, One Opinion


International left-wing media both reports and decides the message heard around the globe.

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