Why the Left Shouldn’t Laugh at Religious Doomsday Predictions


Global warming is only the most recent End Times scenario offered by progressives.

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How Leftism Poisoned a Psychiatrist’s Mind


One more example of how leftism makes decent people do indecent things.

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Trumps Profanity-Laced Speech Was His Undoing


Why the speech disqualifies him as a serious presidential contender.

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The Welfare State and the Selfish Society


Why the entitlement mindset produces far more selfish people.

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Why Don’t Christians Help…Christians?


A curious observation of the Christian world.

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Moral Monsters in Afghanistan and Moral Idiocy in America


A sadly overlooked jihadist massacre.

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Arab League Redefines Chutzpah


What the league’s protests over the Libya no-fly zone really mean.

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The Other Tsunami


What Palestinian terrorists did to the Fogel family deserves far more attention than it has received.

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Eight Reasons Not To Be Optimistic About Egypt


Confronting the reality that much of the media covering Egypt ignores.

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Vietnam’s Legacy of Lies


Why is there so little difference between what American students learn about Vietnam and what the country’s Communist Party teaches?

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