The Face of Radical Environmentalism


A look at the worldview and agendas of Friends Of The Earth.

Obama Campaign Operatives Sabotaging Netanyahu

Obama and Netanyahu

The “One Voice Movement” has flown a team of five former campaign operatives of Barack Obama—including Obama’s 2012 National Field Director—to Tel Aviv, where they are running an aggressive effort to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bid for reelection.

The United Church of Leftism


The United Church of Christ is devoted to income redistribution, radical environmentalism, high taxes on “the wealthy,” deficit spending, government-run healthcare, military disarmament, and open borders.

Environmentalist Doomsayers


The environmentalist group contends that if the carbon dioxide benchmark of 350 parts-per-million is not reached in the near future, a global climate catastrophe will result.

Loretta Lynch Comes Before the Senate


A look at the career and worldview of President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General.

The Mind of the Religious Left


The Presbyterian Church USA denounces America as a nation awash in “systemic racism,” imbalances of “power and privilege,” and an “ideology of white supremacy and white privilege.”

Understanding a Monster


A detailed look at the life and times of Fidel Castro.

The Master Divider: Dividing Americans by Race, Gender, & Class


Chapter and verse on how Obama, in classic Marxist tradition, has based his political career on fomenting group-based resentments and thereby energizing his base.

“Set the Prisoners Free”


Claiming that “structural racism” is woven deeply into the fabric of the American criminal-justice system, Legal Services For Prisoners With Children seeks to defund the nation’s prisons and increase funding for social service programs.

Pelosi Appoints Muslim Congressman to House Intelligence Committee


Andre Carson has ties to several Muslim Brotherhood affiliates. Now he will sit on the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.