Democrat Condemns “Police Violence” Against Blacks


The politics of Congressional Black Caucus member Hakeem Jeffries.

“Fair Vote”: Promoting Policies Associated with Voter Fraud

Fair Vote

The organization Fair Vote supports absentee voting and universal voter registration, practices that historically have been correlated with voter fraud. Meanwhile, it opposes Voter ID laws.

Senator Likens Police Officers to ISIS Terrorists


The life and times of State Senator Ernie Chambers, who once said: “If a person’s stingier than he is mean, then he’s a Jew. If he’s meaner than he is stingy, he’s white.”

Mouthpiece for Obama’s Israel-Hatred


A look at President Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough.

“Bend The Arc”: Toward Open Borders & Wealth Redistribution


A look at the agendas and values of Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice.

Secret Society of Leftist Media


From its inception,  Gamechanger Salon has sought to “protect Barack Obama at all costs and push progressive messaging around the country.”

The Woman Behind the Leak about Hillary’s Email Scandal?


President Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

The Group That Has Worked to Sabotage Netanyahu


The founder and president of One Voice International, Daniel Lubetzky, supports a boycott against Israel and agrees that Netanyahu is an “extremist” peddler of “fear and hate.”

Hillary’s Closest Aide … and The Muslim Brotherhood


The troubling affiliations of Huma Abedin.

Remembering Malcolm X’s Call for the U.S. to Embrace Islam


A look at the life and times of the man who viewed whites as “devils,” and capitalists as “bloodsuckers.”