Faculty Radical: Hatem Bazian


The UC Berkeley professor has a long track record of supporting Islamic extremists, and of accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” “apartheid,” and “war crimes.”

The MSA: Campus Mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood


The Muslim Students Association was established mainly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in January 1963. MSA speakers routinely spew anti-Semitic libels and justify the genocide against the Jews which is promoted by Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Another Pro-Amnesty, Anti-Capitalist “Immigrant-Rights” Group


A close look at the Mexico Solidarity Network.

Al-Jazeera’s Anti-Israel Reporting

Al Jazeera

During Israel’s recent military campaign against Hamas, Al-Jazeera America delivered highly one-sided accounts of the conflict.  

Understanding Israel: Its History and Threats


An in-depth look at Israel’s history, its right to exist, and the threats it has faced from the many enemies surrounding it.

Islamist Infiltration of the Obama Administration


 A look at the Islamists who have influenced, or have been appointed to positions within, the Obama administration. 

Historians Against America (and Israel)


Historians Against The War views the U.S. and Israel as the world’s chief purveyors of violence and injustice.

Secret Media Group of Obama Lapdogs


Gamechanger Salon consists of “hard-core leftists” whose major objective, from the start, has been “to protect Barack Obama at all costs.”

Understanding Jihad: The Muslim Brotherhood


This ideological ancestor of Hamas, al Qaeda, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad holds the key to understanding the jihadist mindset.

Dem Consultant Sees Republicans As Racists


Democratic Party consultant and campaign manager Donna Brazile has a long history of accusing Republicans of racism.