It’s Not the Centrifuges —- It’s the Warhead


The Mullahs’ design is nearly perfected.

PUMP to Kick Oil Addiction


A new Hollywood movie empowers the quest to get us off oil.

Temple University —- Anti-Semitism Battleground


Protestors stand up to Jew-Hate on an American campus.

Christians United For Israel Rocks Washington D.C.


Loud and passionate support for the Jewish State at a critical moment.

U.S. Defunding the Palestinian Authority?

Palestinians celebrating reconciliation, between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza Strip

Led by Reps. Trent Franks and Michele Bachmann, the effort moves to a formal House Resolution.

Inside the Presidents Conference’s Rejection of J Street


Was it really a “right-wing minority” that barred the anti-Israel organization?

Rejecting the Boycotters at the Celebrate Israel Parade


Closing the communal tent to the promoters of Jew-hatred.