Nigeria Wins Cup of Nations, but Islamists Continue Killing

Victor Moses

Victory comes just hours after the north suffers wrath of jihadists.

U.S. Government and Churches Must Intervene for Pastor Saeed Abedini

pastor saeed 2

American citizen sentenced to eight years in notorious Iranian prison.

A Congressman’s Crusade for Human and Religious Rights


U.S. Representative Frank R. Wolf challenges Church leaders to stand up on behalf of the persecuted.

Rare Victory for Religious Freedom in Pakistan


High Court declares Rimsha Masih innocent of blasphemy, but she can never return home.

Senate Dems Hold Up Human Rights Legislation


Religious minorities under siege in the Middle East are left to twist in the wind.

The Sound of Silence in Mali


A bloody Islamist quest to kill music in the West African country.

The Fate of Rimsha Masih


Even if cleared, the mentally disabled Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy may never be safe again.

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The Persecution of Pakistan’s Christians


Terrorizing the “People of the Book” has become big business for the resurgent Taliban.

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A Year of Bombs and Silence


Nuba genocide enters second year on Obama’s watch.

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Chen Guangcheng: An Inconvenient Activist


Why the Chinese hero disturbs the U.S. government.

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