Beck Takes Courage to New Level


A powerful keynote address from Jerusalem.

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‘Midnight Cowboy’ Rides Tall in Jerusalem


Actor Jon Voight joins Glenn Beck in solidarity with Israel.

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Glenn Beck Ignites Hope in Israel


“Restoring Courage” rally kicks off.

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Bolton’s Tough Words to the World


Is the more powerful force nuclear weapons or an aroused American public?

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Glenn Beck Stirs Crowd at Christians United For Israel


From the Knesset to Washington.

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Controversy Erupts over Yale’s Closing of YIISA


Scholarly leaders and activists are outraged over the university’s decision to shut down its program studying anti-Semitism.

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Celebrating Israel


Thousands gather in New York City in a show of support for the Jewish State.

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Condemning CUNY’s Folly


Activists rally in New York City to oppose the honorary degree awarded to Tony Kushner.

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Remembering the Prototypes of Evil


Before there was Ahmadinejad, there were Achashveirosh and Haman.

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Rallying in Support of Rep. Peter King

Simon Deng

Human rights activists voice their support of the upcoming hearings on Islamic radicalism in America.