‘Midnight Cowboy’ Rides Tall in Jerusalem


Actor Jon Voight joins Glenn Beck in solidarity with Israel.

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Glenn Beck Ignites Hope in Israel


“Restoring Courage” rally kicks off.

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Bolton’s Tough Words to the World


Is the more powerful force nuclear weapons or an aroused American public?

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Glenn Beck Stirs Crowd at Christians United For Israel


From the Knesset to Washington.

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Controversy Erupts over Yale’s Closing of YIISA


Scholarly leaders and activists are outraged over the university’s decision to shut down its program studying anti-Semitism.

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Celebrating Israel


Thousands gather in New York City in a show of support for the Jewish State.

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Condemning CUNY’s Folly


Activists rally in New York City to oppose the honorary degree awarded to Tony Kushner.

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Remembering the Prototypes of Evil


Before there was Ahmadinejad, there were Achashveirosh and Haman.

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Rallying in Support of Rep. Peter King

Simon Deng

Human rights activists voice their support of the upcoming hearings on Islamic radicalism in America.

Iran’s Abuse of Women Spotlighted Near the U.N.


A gathering outside the United Nations raises awareness of the Mullahs’ vicious misogyny.

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