Food Stamp Nation


The Obama administration works overtime to enroll more people into a program saturated with fraud and abuse.

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The Taliban’s Poisoning of Afghan Schoolgirls

Afghan students attend a class at the Ly

The latest atrocity of Islamic gender apartheid.

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The Islamist Takeover Of Mali


Country loses control of its northern territory.

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Bringing the War on Jerusalem to American Universities


Organizer of Global March on Jerusalem an ally of Hamas and student programs in the U.S.

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Ethnic Cleansing of Syrian Christians


Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist forces seize a golden opportunity to terrorize infidels with impunity.

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Obama’s War on Low-Income Women


To take a shot at Texas, the administration will take away $17 million in funding for poor women’s health care.

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Transgender Hormone Therapy for Illegal Aliens?


The Obama administration goes to bizarre lengths to make immigration enforcement “more humane.”

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Pulling the Plug on the Chevy Volt


Why the Obama-backed vehicle’s demise wasn’t because of bad press.

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Obama’s Drive to Disarm America 


The president considers making the U.S. as impotent as France — while our enemies stock up on nukes.

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Obama’s New Illegal Alien Czar


Illegals now have a publicly funded lobbyist within the agency that’s charged with bringing them to justice.

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