Eric Holder’s Protection of Voter Fraud


South Carolina strikes back against the Obama Justice Department.

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Eric Holder and Operation Stonewall


The attorney general vows to root out DOJ whistleblowers, while the murderers of a U.S. border patrol agent go unpunished.

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The Uncertain Fate of Syria’s Chemical Weapons


If the Assad regime falls…..

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Libya: The New Al-Qaeda Stronghold


Courtesy of US taxpayers.

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Nigeria’s Coming Civil War


Why a full-fledged conflict may be the only way to stop the Islamists’ barbaric slaughter of Christians.

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A Day in the Life of Sharia


The savage and barbaric torture of Afghan women continues under Islamic law in Afghanistan.

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Voices of Palestine: Abbas Zaki


Top leader advises Palestinians to pursue the destruction of Israel, but to “keep it to yourself.”

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Voices of Palestine: Ismail Haniya


Voice of the Gaza Strip.

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Voices of Palestine: Fathi Hamad 


A top Hamas leader celebrates death by extolling the virtues of using women and children as human shields.  

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North Korea’s Nukes


Soon capable of striking the continental United States?

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