Pamela Geller on The Jamie Glazov Show


A leading freedom fighter discusses the war on free speech.

Human Rights Travesties at the United Nations


Pat Condell once again tells it how it is.

Robert Spencer on The Jamie Glazov Show


A leading scholar of Islam sheds disturbing light on the war on free speech occurring right before our eyes.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim


A video every concerned American must watch:

Pamela Geller Censored About Hamas-CAIR on CNN’s @ErinBurnett


CNN abruptly cuts segment at Pamela’s Hamas-CAIR description, but full audio secretly recorded.

Andrew C. McCarthy Publishes ‘Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy’


The antidote to the delirious Arab Spring narrative.

Photo Album of Jamie Glazov’s Town Hall on Sharia, Islamic Law and the U.S. Constitution in Mission Viejo, CA


An All-Star cast and the citizens of Orange County come to be heard.

Editorial: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A National Disaster


We now know what the Obama Doctrine is.

The Jamie Glazov Show

Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim Featured in New Documentary


The Freedom Center’s Raymond Ibrahim explains the Siege of Vienna, a pivotal victory for the West against Islamic imperialism.