Mosques, Muslim Brotherhood and Murfreesboro — on The Brewster Gang

Eric Allen Bell, Michael Walsh and Evan Sayet shed light on the stealth jihad and what we can do to confront it.

The People vs. The Democratic Party — on The Brewster Gang


Eric Allen Bell, Michael Walsh and Evan Sayet discuss Walsh’s new booklet that puts the Democratic Party on trial.

Alan Dershowitz vs. David Solway on Obama and Israel


A battle over whether the U.S. president is a true friend of Israel.

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The Left’s Palin Derangement Syndrome Diagnosed — on The Glazov Gang


Enough material for an entire psychiatric conference.

The Electronic Armageddon


Watch the livestream of a distinguished panel of experts confront a terrifying threat hovering on the horizon.

Winston Churchill’s Wisdom About Socialism


He was right.

Romney vs. Obama — on The Glazov Gang

A standoff on Frontpage’s t.v. show about the coming face-off in 2012.

Government Versus The People


The Freedom Center’s new pamphlet reveals how progressive policies condemn the poor to permanent poverty.

2016: Obama’s America


A new film featuring author Dinesh D’Souza explores the untold life history of President Obama and what it may mean for America.

Escape From Sharia — on The Glazov Gang

Amani Mustafa, Anni Cyrus and Nonie Darwish testify how they broke free from the chains of Islam.