‘Rage Against the Machine’ Clueless About Paul Ryan


…And worships mass murderer Che Guevara.

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Chick-fil-A, Mayor Vincent Gray, and ‘Hate Speech’


Where is the outrage about a restaurant that features posters of a mass murderer on its walls?

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Che Guevara Actor’s Hypocrisy over Pinochet Film


But Mexican-born actor Gael Garcia Bernal fails to summon an once of remorse for Cubans.

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M.A.S.H. Star Partners with Castro’s Spy Service


Mike Farrell takes up the cause of communist terrorists.

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Christiane Amanpour’s Lovefest with Castro’s Daughter


The Left’s romance with sadistic and brutal despotism continues.

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Raul Castro’s Daughter Endorses Obama


San Francisco audience cheers support from mouthpiece of murderous Cuban regime.

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Che Guevara Adorns Reno-Tahoe Airport


The “godfather” of airplane hijackings now greets the flying public in Nevada.

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Strike Two for Marlin Manager Ozzie Guillen


The Miami Marlin’s recent praise for a Stalinist dictator went beyond the pale — but what about Castrophiles in the Democratic Party?

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Jim Belushi Raises Money for Obama, Castro


Funny-man helps prop up a regime that criminalizes satire of a sadistic tyrant.

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Che Guevara to Get a Monument in Ireland


Union-controlled city honors union destroyer and mass murderer.

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