The Israeli Solution


Caroline Glick’s new book proposes a one-state plan for peace in the Middle East.

Ahoy! Hoist the Hijab! This Ain’t No “Love Boat”

A new flotilla is getting ready to steam into Gaza, and this time, one of them has an all-female crew! The chick-boat, whose cargo will consist principally of loose screws, is called the Mariam.
Gaza has obviously become the hottest cruise destination of the season, and the girls getting it together for the chick-boat are not [...]

Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Rabbis Submit to Islamist Pressure

Among Boston’s Jews, Charles Jacobs is a hero, the very model of the perfect Jewish activist. To others, it seems, he is a pain in the neck.
Jacobs, you see, has stumbled into a nasty public-relations balagan (Israeli slang for “mess”).  He has collided with a wall of Leftist Boston-area rabbis who are  “shocked” and “appalled” [...]

Outnumbered But Not Alone

I had an unsettling experience recently. I found myself –a Jew—outnumbered by Gentiles at a march and rally for Israel.
This happy event, with balloons and flags and shofars, was sponsored by a local group, Christians and Jews United for Israel. One’s heart was warmed by the ecclesiastical banners, the crosses, the priestly benedictions, and yet, [...]