Olympic Committee On Munich Moment of Silence Refusal: ‘Muslims Tied Our Hands’


Failing to do the right thing because of Islamic intimidation.

MJ Rosenberg Relies on Anti-Semitic Steroetypes To Argue His Anti-Israel Positions

Perhaps when he was a child, MJ Rosenberg’s parents beat him with an Israeli flag, or maybe the first time he visited the Holy Land he tripped and got a “boo-boo” on his knee, or maybe an Israeli doctor unnecessarily removed his tonsils, just like President Obama said doctors do it all the time. The [...]

The 7 Lamest Charges of Anti-Semitism Directed At Glenn Beck By Media Matters and The George Soros Left

From their perspective, Media Matters’ targeting of Glenn Beck is almost understandable, after all the radio host/TV commentator has been warning people how the progressive agenda is a danger to American freedom for a long time. He has also been exposing, George Soros, also known as “Spooky Dude” who is the Sugar Daddy for much of the progressive movement, including Media Matters.

Groups Whose Quotes Used By Soros Group to Attack Glenn Beck, Repudiate Anti-Beck Effort

Over the past few days, three of the groups used to corroborate the false charges raised by Jewish Funds For Justice have repudiated the letter arraigned by the George Soros proxy.

Collectivism, The Loss of Individual Power, and The Future of America

It is my contention that individual power based on a trust in the “goodness” of man is at the heart of what made the United States great. Secondarily I believe that the difference in that trust in the ultimate intention of the American citizenry is the main issue that divides the Conservative and the Progressive movements.

NASA’s Climate Guru James Hansen Says China Should Lead Economic Boycott of US

James Hansen of NASA is not just any global warming Moonbat, he is Al Gore’s official global warming Moonbat. It was Hansen’s data that was used in Gore’s Oscar/Peace prize winning film.

Helen Thomas Whines About Israel, And CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Lets Her Off The Hook

Will Somebody teach Soledad O’Brien how to interview?  Last night on CNN’s “Situation Room.” Helen Thomas, who was unceremoniously booted from her Hearst Job and the White House briefing room last year for telling Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland, railed against what she viewed as [...]

The News About Blood Libel (Not Sarah Palin, the OTHER One)

While the media focused on the supposed infraction by Governor Palin, they ignored a more severe infraction by one of their own, Time Magazine.

A Modest Proposal to End The Progressive Media Tuscon Hate Talk– Don’t Bash, Find Other Things For Them To Blame

Sometimes when a child gets hurt they complain about the first thing they can. And usually it’s something of which they are frightened.

Latest Evidence Proves Jared Loughner Was Not Political, Just Psycho

Former acquaintances of the alleged shooter reveal a disturbing personality.