ObamaCare Exceeds the Limits of Congressional Authority. Judge Miffed.

The better way for ObamaCare to be struck down is not by repeal, but by appeal: appeal to the courts.

Can the Tea Party Triumph Against Voter Fraud?

The 2008 election was the worst decision America ever made. And we have no one to blame but ourselves; they told us what they were going to do — fundamentally transform America. It shook one’s faith in the American electorate. All was not lost, however. In early 2009 folks began to wake up. And in [...]

How do We Prevent a Depression? Let’s See What History Says…

President Obama’s defenders and detractors look at the same economic data but come to entirely different conclusions. Obama defenders say things would have been worse — Obama detractors say things should have gotten much better by now. Obama defenders contend that but for his heroic measures in combating the economic crisis America would have been [...]

How We Can Reverse ObamaCare

With the establishment of judicial review in 1803 by Marberry vs. Madison, the Supreme Court became the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution. Constitutional matters, such as whether the Second Amendment affirms the right to possess firearms to the individual or to some militia, ultimately wind their way to the Supreme Court where the meaning of [...]

Fraud in the November Elections?

What is a democracy without fair elections? Not a democracy, wouldn’t you say? So why does America, the granddaddy of democracies, tolerate election systems that aren’t free of fraud? Leftwing commentator Katrina vanden Heuvel tries to assure us: Talking loosely about “voter fraud” when we really mean election fraud helps reinforce the impression that the [...]

Tea Party Clarity on the Deficit

It’s the spending, stupid

Money Is Still Money, Isn’t It?

The national debt and looming inflation

The Day the Debt Stood Still

How would Congress balance the budget in just one day?

Obamacare Flushes the Constitution

“I will — listen now — I will cut taxes — cut taxes — for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.”
– Obama’s acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic convention.
Whether it was to save himself from being [...]