Susan Rice’s Prize For Lies


A grand deceiver on Benghazi gets promoted to chief national security post.

Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin vs. NYC


The problem when the wife of a prospective NYC mayor is a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

Rand Paul’s Bold Stand Against Arming Islamist Syrian Rebels

Apple CEO Tim Cook Testifies At Senate Hearing On U.S. Tax Code

A courageous effort to keep U.S. weapons out of al-Qaeda’s hands.

Obama Praises Jihad-Supporting Turkish Prime Minister


The president plays into the hands of Islamist Erdogan.

Palestinians at U.N. Warn of ‘Consequences’ for ‘Apartheid’ Israel


The Jewish State’s “peace partners” show their true colors.

Filmmaker Hillary & Obama Framed Still Rots in Prison


The forgotten man the Benghazi deceivers put in jail for their crimes.

The United Nations’ Hezbollah Protection Force


How the UN has helped a terrorist organization build up a massive arsenal of heavy weaponry.

Syria Learns: Don’t Cross Israel’s ‘Red Line’


Hezbollah thwarted from securing chemical weapons — while U.S. leads from behind.

Grim Alternatives in Syria


Assad and Al Qaeda-linked jihadists vie for control of the country — and its chemical weapons.

U.N. Leader: U.S. ‘Israel First Ethos’ to Blame for Boston Bombing


Top official Richard Falk slithers through the sewer of Jew-hate and anti-Americanism.