John Kerry’s Peculiar Priorities

Kerry for FPM

Debut speech as Secretary of State pushes foreign “investment” and global warming action in a world saturated with Islamic jihad and totalitarian danger.

U.N. Dithers in Response to North Korean Provocation


The communist death cult continues to utter threats with impunity.

Key Questions on Chuck Hagel Go Unanswered


Opponents’ requests for financial documents on Middle East donors are stonewalled.

The Emerging Egyptian-Iranian Strategic Alliance


The Muslim Brotherhood weighs its options between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic.

Why Israel Was Justified in Attacking Syria


The Jewish State did the work the UN failed to do.

UN Downplays Libyan Arms Transfers to Terrorists


Top official blurs the undeniable truth about deadly weapons now in the hands of jihadists.

Chuck Hagel: Unworthy of Confirmation


Will the Senate have the guts to reject a man totally unqualified to be Secretary of Defense?

Egyptians Erupt Against Obama’s Favorite Islamist Regime


Obama tilts U.S. policy in the Muslim Brotherhood’s favor at the expense of pro-democracy secularists.

Mali’s Liberation From Islamist Colonial Occupation


France saves Malians from Sharia tyranny.

The Anti-War/Anti-Semitic Defense Chief


The disastrous nomination of Chuck Hagel.