When Unrepentant Terrorists Teach Our Youth


Greenwich Village would-be bombers have plenty of leftist role models to emulate.

The Freedom Cliff


A new year brings a new term of tyranny under Obama.

Thomas Friedman Goes to Bat for Chuck Hagel


The all-powerful “Jewish lobby” is at it again, according to the New York Times columnist.

The United Nations’ Year-End Message to Israel


Hint: It’s not condolences to the families of the victims of Palestinian terror.

The Left’s Renewed Assault on the NRA


Anti-Second Amendment zealots vow to “exploit” and “politicize” the Newtown massacre.

Turkey: The World’s Leader In Jailing Journalists


Number of imprisoned reporters around the words reaches a record high.

Syrian Jihadists Get Obama’s Blessing


Another soon-to-be Islamist state to add to the president’s list of achievements.

Banning ‘Choose Life’ License Plates to Protect Free Speech?


Why the North Carolina court got it wrong.

Azerbaijan Gets Islam and Politics Right


A secular Muslim alternative in an increasingly Islamist region.

Barbarians Versus Barbarians in Syria

Tom Stoddart Collection

One order from Assad and chemical weapons will rain down on the country.