Another Obama Power Grab


Asserting breathtaking presidential powers over key sectors of the economy, including during peacetime.

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The Crisis In Syria – What Now?


Why the United States’ role in this conflict should remain strictly humanitarian.

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The Real War on Women: Baby Girls in Peril


How much do Limbaugh-hating leftist feminists care about the global effort to cut down the female population?

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Obama’s Secret Weapon on Iran: A Charm Offensive


Why new negotiations with the Islamic Republic is only meant to buy more time for the enemy.

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Netanyahu Speaks Truth to Power


Exposing the apocalyptic agenda of the regime with which Obama now wants to engage.

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Obama at AIPAC: Throwing Dust in the Eyes


Setting the record straight on the president’s professed record of supporting the Jewish State.

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Obama, Israel and the Mullahs


Why expectations for next week should be kept to a minimum.

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Obama’s Peculiar Idea of Fairness


Young wealthy females are entitled to free birth control, while poor elderly women could be denied dialysis treatments.

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Spinning the Obama-conomy


The dire economic facts the president and his allies are trying desperately to conceal.

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Trashing the Constitution


Justice Ginsburg reveals her disdain for the founding document she swore an oath to protect.

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