Stalemate at the UN While Syria Slaughter Continues


Cowardice and moral bankruptcy on the part of the international community again on display.

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Left Demands James O’Keefe’s Head Over Voter Fraud Exposé


Democratic operatives try to divert attention away from the truth after viral video shows the ease of electoral fraud.

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Obama’s Stale State Of Denial Speech


The president has selective memory on his own record.

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Muslim Brotherhood and Obama: Partners In Taqiyya


How the administration is spreading the deceitful message of Egyptian Islamists.

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Ron Paul’s Absurd ‘Golden Rule’


A few lessons from Thomas Jefferson and John Adams the congressman has apparently not encountered.

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Obama Doubles Down on Lawless Czar Appointment


The president dispatches his spin masters to hide his assault on the Constitution.

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Anti-Israel Hypocrisy at the UN

United Nations Assembly

Human-rights abuser Morocco leads the international campaign to dismantle Israel.

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Obama’s Assault on Separation of Powers


The far-reaching implications of Richard Cordray’s unconstitutional appointment.

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Obama’s Disastrous Islamist Outreach


How the administration is helping the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban achieve power.

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The New Egypt: We Will Never Recognize Israel


The Muslim Brotherhood begins to fulfill its Islamist agenda.

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