The UN, Obama Finally Act Against Qaddafi


The administration lags embarrassingly behind the United Nations — and abandons leadership.

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The U.N.’s Disgrace on Libya


Why does Qaddafi’s regime remain a member of the UN Human Rights Council?

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Betraying Israel


At the UN, Ambassador Rice stabs the Jewish State in the back.

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Can Ban Ki-moon Save the U.N.?


The Secretary General vows to strengthen the United Nation’s legitimacy — with little success so far.

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The New Ground Zero Mosque Imam Selection Rubs More Salt Into The Wound

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is out as the religious face of the Park 51/Cordoba House mega mosque community center complex proposed to be built near Ground Zero. Rauf became too radioactive for the project’s developers, so he was pushed aside. Despite efforts by some apologists to defend this faux ‘moderate, the evidence of his true stealth jihad agenda was overwhelming.

“Just an Entertainer”: Bill O’Reilly Gives Bill Maher A Free Pass to Give America the Finger

Would-be comedian and commentator Bill Maher decided to close out this season’s premiere of Real Time with his tiresome rant against the Tea Party – or, as he likes to call them, the “teabaggers.” Maher, a Leftist windbag, once again is giving the finger to the American people and to our Constitution – a trait [...]

The Global Radical Islamic Threat To Freedom: Ignore Or Excuse At Our Peril

The New York Times recognizes the symptoms of a virulent disease but is incapable or unwilling to connect the dots to decipher its cause or scope – global Islamic fundamentalism.

Hillary Clinton Must Either Recant Or Resign

Clinton’s continued attempt to attribute the insane actions of the mentally deranged alleged shooter Jared Loughner to political extremism and mentioning his actions in the same breath as al Qaeda is beyond the pale.

Hillary Clinton’s Dangerous Bout Of Moral Equivalency

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insulted her country while traveling in the Middle East this past week and participating in a televised feel-good town hall-style meeting at a college in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Which Path Will Our Nation Choose In Dealing With The Arizona Shooting?

There are grown up and constructive reactions to the tragic Arizona shooting. And then there are the puerile and destructive reactions.