The Palestinian September to Remember


Turning to friends in high places at the UN.

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The U.N. and Double Standards


Treading lightly on Syria while stomping on Israel.

The Quislings of Norway


The latest example of Norwegian collaboration with the enemies of the Jews.

Exploiting the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary


How the coalition “Prepare New York” seeks to use 9/11 to empower the Islamist agenda.

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Obama’s Plea for an Illegal Alien Rapist-Murderer


Why the president and the UN’s push to stay the execution of the killer of a 16-year-old girl is groundless.

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Flotilla II: The Merchant Ships of Hamas Propaganda


Why do so many Gaza “humanitarians” have ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Iran: World Victim of Terrorism


The UN’s praise for the Mullahs’ “World Without Terrorism” conference was only the beginning of the travesty.

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War Powers Showdown


The Obama administration seems to think the UN Security Council takes precedence over the Constitution.

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U.N. Still Stupefied on Syria


Condemnations of Israeli self-defense come more easily than condemnations of state-sponsored massacres.

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Afghan Death Toll Rises; Media Interest Declines


The war is more deadly than ever, so why does Obama get a free pass?

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