Obama’s Plea for an Illegal Alien Rapist-Murderer


Why the president and the UN’s push to stay the execution of the killer of a 16-year-old girl is groundless.

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Flotilla II: The Merchant Ships of Hamas Propaganda


Why do so many Gaza “humanitarians” have ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Iran: World Victim of Terrorism


The UN’s praise for the Mullahs’ “World Without Terrorism” conference was only the beginning of the travesty.

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War Powers Showdown


The Obama administration seems to think the UN Security Council takes precedence over the Constitution.

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U.N. Still Stupefied on Syria


Condemnations of Israeli self-defense come more easily than condemnations of state-sponsored massacres.

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Afghan Death Toll Rises; Media Interest Declines


The war is more deadly than ever, so why does Obama get a free pass?

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The Future of Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law


The Supreme Court hands down a great victory for the rule of law.

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Kagangate: A Coverup Of Obamacare Conflict-Of-Interest?


The Supreme Court justice may have lied under oath to Congress.

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The Palestinians Manufacture Their Own “Catastrophe”


As Palestinians riot violently, the UN blames Israel.

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NATO Aims to Kill Qaddafi


Violating the UN mandate and openly pursuing regime change wasn’t part of the deal.

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