The U.N.’s Land Redistribution Scheme


Another example of the United Nations’ socialist, global governance agenda.

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National Propaganda Radio Enforces Sharia In America by Firing Juan Williams

National Public Radio has just killed two birds with one stone with the firing of its ten-year analyst Juan Williams for comments he made on Fox News. Williams had shared his feeling that he gets nervous when he sees fully garbed Muslims board an airplane. NPR took the remark out of context as a pretext for firing [...]

George Soros Targets Glenn Beck And Fox News For Eradication

George Soros hates being challenged for being the hypocrite, shady financier and self-righteous political patron of the far Left that he really is. So, in the fashion of the dictatorships in which he grew up, Soros does whatever he can to silence the opposition. In Canada, Soros dispatched his legal team to intimidate my fellow blogger Kathy Shaidle who [...]

President Obama’s Shameful Kow-Towing To The Muslim World

Despite his sensible campaign against political correctness when it comes to telling the truth about Islamic ideology and terrorism, Bill O’Reilly is wrong to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt for his shameful kow-towing to the Muslim world. Since Obama has taken office, he has gone out of his way to apologize to the Muslim world [...]

The “View” Ladies Demonstrate Their Own Bigotry Against The Truth

The firestorm surrounding Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on “The View” last Thursday continues to burn. Co-hosts Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar had sparked the firestorm when they walked off the stage in a hissy fit because O’Reilly had made the politically incorrect but accurate remark, during his appearance on their show, that Muslims attacked us on 9/11. [...]

Hissy Fit On The “View”

Co-hosts of ABC‘s The View Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg had a hissy fit yesterday. Not able to intelligently argue their point of view with their guest Bill O’Reilly concerning the Park 51 mega mosque/community center controversy, they walked off the stage in a huff. O’Reilly had criticized President Obama for not commenting on the “appropriateness” of [...]

Rolling the Dice On Civil Trials For Al Qaeda Terrorists

Ahmed Ghailani, the al Qaeda terrorist accused of bombing the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, is now on trial in Manhattan’s Federal District Court – not in a Guantanamo military tribunal where he belongs. The bombings resulted in the deaths of at least 11 people and injured another 85. The Obama administration decided to [...]

A Happy Ending To The Chilean Mine Disaster Thanks To America’s Can-Do Spirit

Last night, as the first miner trapped in a Chilean mine for 69 days was pulled to the surface in a capsule, the world watched on live TV and rejoiced with his family. By tomorrow, God willing, all the miners will be rescued from their horrible ordeal. However, during all of the non-stop coverage of [...]

SNL’s Brand Of Political Humor

Some conservative commentators such as Sean Hannity have complained that Saturday Night Live’s brand of political humor is distinctly pro-leftist and anti-conservative. They point to the skewering of Sarah Palin by Tina Fey, and to the more recent satirical skits aimed at Delaware’s Republican candidate for the Senate, Christine O’Donnell. Ann Coulter had a different reaction, [...]

Paul Krugman’s Tunnel Vision

Left-wing economist and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman went after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for deciding to halt any further spending on a bloated public transit project. The plan that Christie inheritied was to build another commuter train tunnel under the Hudson River to Manhattan, budgeted originally to cost $8.7 billion.Christie made his [...]