France Enables an Islamist Takeover of Ivory Coast


The Caliphate grows in Africa.

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“Uncontrollable” Muslim Violence: The Latest Excuse


Did Islam itself play a role in the deadly response to the Florida Koran burning?

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A Speech and Obfuscations


The president sidesteps the nation’s questions with predictable untruths.

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Bringing Down Qaddafi


Operation Odyssey Dawn intervenes in Libya — but what is the eventual endgame?

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The UN, Obama Finally Act Against Qaddafi


The administration lags embarrassingly behind the United Nations — and abandons leadership.

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The U.N.’s Disgrace on Libya


Why does Qaddafi’s regime remain a member of the UN Human Rights Council?

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Betraying Israel


At the UN, Ambassador Rice stabs the Jewish State in the back.

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Can Ban Ki-moon Save the U.N.?


The Secretary General vows to strengthen the United Nation’s legitimacy — with little success so far.

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Palestine on the Horizon?

Palestinian state

The stage has been set for the coup de grace.

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Obama’s Romance with the U.N.


Roadblock ahead.

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