The U.N.’s Disgrace on Libya


Why does Qaddafi’s regime remain a member of the UN Human Rights Council?

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Betraying Israel


At the UN, Ambassador Rice stabs the Jewish State in the back.

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Can Ban Ki-moon Save the U.N.?


The Secretary General vows to strengthen the United Nation’s legitimacy — with little success so far.

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Palestine on the Horizon?

Palestinian state

The stage has been set for the coup de grace.

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Obama’s Romance with the U.N.


Roadblock ahead.

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WikiLeaks, Hillary and Susan Rice


Will the scandal push Secretary Clinton over the edge?

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U.N. Circus


The world’s worst human rights abusers point accusatory fingers at the United States.

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The U.N.’s Land Redistribution Scheme


Another example of the United Nations’ socialist, global governance agenda.

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What the Media Missed at the U.N. Summit


Obama’s policy toward Israel received rave reviews — from the head of the Islamic bloc.

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Obama’s Outlaw Romance


The president uses his annual U.N. visit to coddle jihadists and despotic regimes.

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