How Hamas Tortures Gaza


Is it really a mystery who brings human suffering to the Palestinians?

The Return Of Client #9

Disgraced ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, known as Client #9 to the prostitutes he patronized, is trying to make a political come-back.  Heaven forbid!  Even before the scandal that brought him down, Spitzer was a political opportunist who trampled on due process and the individual rights of others while regarding himself as above the law.
The [...]

Why Is Obama Ashamed To Fly Our Flag In Haiti?

After Haiti’s devastating earthquake last January, Americans showed their incredible generosity by donating money, resources and manpower to help the victims of the natural disaster and to help Haiti recover.
U.S. Air Force air operations specialists and FAA air-traffic controllers managed air traffic at Haiti’s main airport, facilitating the logistics of getting humanitarian aid coming into the [...]

Obama’s Phony Populism

President Obama is coming to New York tomorrow to draw a line in the sand against Wall Street.  He is stoking public anger against the big banks, whom many people believe brought our economy to its knees as a result of what they perceive as the banks’ avarice and deceptive practices.  Obama wants to change the target [...]

Leaked Gates Memo: Where Is the Plan To Stop Iran’s Nuclear Threat?

Last Sunday The New York Times showed some journalistic courage for a change by publishing an article that put its friends in the Obama administration on the spot.  It leaked information concerning a classified memo written earlier this year by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that expressed doubt whether the United States has an effective long-range policy for dealing [...]

Selective Outrage


Silence on the brutal occupation of Georgia reveals global double standard toward Israel.

Joe Klein Reads Off His Napkin: Beck and Palin “Rub Right Up Close To Being Seditious”

Times columnist Joe Klein never misses an opportunity to make a fool of himself.  His latest bufoonery was displayed on NBC’s April 18 edition of “The Chris Matthews Show.”   
I did a little bit of research just before this show – it’s on this little napkin here. I looked up the definition of sedition which is conduct [...]

Obama Mocks Tea-Party Protestors While Taking Advantage of Tax Loopholes For Himself

As usual, the mainstream media plays down the Tea Party protests except when it tries to paint them in a bad light.  For example, the Tax Day protests in Washington, D.C. were buried on p. 17 of The New York Times, right above an article reporting that the Obamas paid $1,792,414 in federal income taxes [...]

Ducking a Congo Odyssey


Is Ambassador Susan Rice abandoning Africa’s killing fields?

BloodSuckers of Success

Today is Tax Day.  Hallellujah, sing the progressives, for whom April 15th is a semi-religious holiday (if, that is, they aren’t atheists).  This is the day signifying the fact that, according to the Tax Policy Center, a bit more than half of American households subsidize all of the remaining households who did not have to pay one [...]