Simon Says – Lets Use MSM’s Criminal Trial As a Teaching Tool

The New York Times has defended the Obama administration’s unconscionable decision to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four of his al Qaeda cohorts in a federal court in Manhattan under the rules applicable to everyday criminal defendants. 
Aside from the bogus constitutional law arguments claiming that such trials are required, which I discussed in yesterday’s blog, the argument [...]

U.N. Cover-Up on Iran? – by Joseph Klein


A scientist investigating the Islamic Republic’s nuclear secrets dies mysteriously.

Abuse Of The Constitution

Fox News senior judicial correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed on “The O’Reilly Factor”  last night that the Constitution and Federal trial rules required a civilian trial of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and several of his al Qaeda cohorts in the jurisdiction where their ‘crime’ was committed.  Napolitano is so far off base on this issue that his [...]

Leftists Demonize the Conservative Women Who Drive Them Nuts

The left has a particuarly hard time with conservative women, whom they regard as apostates from the radical feminist cause. As discussed on both “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity’s America” last night, independent-minded women like Sarah Palin and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann get under the leftists’ skin. So since they are incapable of engaging in [...]

Why Hasan Is An Islamic Terrorist

Bill O’Reilly redeemed himself last night when he departed from his recent trend toward political correctness and excoriated Sally Quinn, the Washington Post doyenne, for being unwilling to call Nidal Malik Hasan what he actually is – an Islamic terrorist.  Finally, after realizing how foolish she was coming across in pushing the emotional distress angle [...]

Obama Unable to Utter Two Simple Words – Islamic Terrorism

President Obama paid tribute yesterday to the victims of the Fort Hood massacre.  Obama knows how to deliver a powerfully emotional speech and he did so on this occasion. But, as Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on “The Factor” last night,  the speech was full of boilerplate and it sidestepped the fact that the shooting was an [...]

HillWalk Versus JayWalk

Bill O’Reilly has boasted how ”The Factor” is doing so well that its ratings surpass those of NBC’s “Jay Leno Show.” It is an apt comparison, since O’Reilly seems intent on co-opting one of Leno’s trademark skits, “Jaywalk,” in which ignorant individuals are asked about topical issues and give ludicrous answers.
How else can O’Reilly explain his decision to bring back the hip [...]

Sharpton Dishes His Race-Baiting On “The Factor”

Why does Bill O’Reilly continue to provide Al Sharpton a platform for his race-baiting?  To show how “fair and balanced” he can be?
OReilly made it easy for Sharpton by posing the issue this way:
Why is the House Ethics Committee investigating seven different African-American lawmakers?
Sharpton argued that race must be involved, given all the attention focused particularly [...]

Emperor Obama’s New Clothes

Dennis Miller likened President Obama’s coattail effect on “The Factor” last night to that of a “naked midget.”  I will stick with the less politically incorrect  ”emperor’s new clothes” model.   Either way, the election results in New Jersey and Virginia were a disaster for Obama.   While his personal likeability appears to be nearly intact, President Obama’s leftist policies [...]

The ACLU Adds Teenage Exhibitionists to its ‘Distinguished’ Client List

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is showing its pubescent side by bringing a lawsuit against a public school involving two teens who posted sexually provocative  photos on an Internet social network site.  
In between segments reporting on the Election Day results, “The Factor” included a brief discussion of this ACLU lawsuit.  Its two legal experts predicted that the [...]