The Christian Left’s Peculiar Hatred of Israel


Where are the calls for boycott of Syria and other places of world misery?

Assad Defies the Odds


Has the regime won the stalemate?

Arab Hypocrisy in Mali


But an opportunity is open for Israel.

Why the European Union Treats Israel With Scorn


A pathetic story of envy and hypocrisy.

The New Egyptian-Iranian Axis?


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The UN’s Hypocritical Holocaust Remembrance Day

Picture 12

How the international body has promoted anti-Semitism and made the world less safe for Jews.

What’s Next for Israel?


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Why is a P.L.O. Flag Hoisted in D.C.?


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Netanyahu Coalition Forming Dilemmas


The Israeli Prime Minister must be a biblical Solomon.

The Arabs’ Betrayal of the Palestinians

Picture 3

Why the Palestinians’ biggest supporters refuse to pay the millions of dollars they pledged.