Avoiding the Inevitable in Gaza

Israeli soldiers prepare to leave their Gaza border position as the ceasefire took hold.

Hamas and other terrorist infrastructures will not go peacefully into the night.

U.S. Double Standard Towards The Kurds


Palestinian statehood: thumbs up; Kurdish independent state: thumbs down.

America in Decline


Is American exceptionalism evaporating?

Renewed Angst Over Iran in Israel


Elections bring out festering fears.

Obama’s Failure in Iraq


Surrendering a country, for which America paid with so much of its own blood and treasure, to Iran.

Taming Islamist Turkey


Turkey’s Prime Minister watches his star power rapidly fading.

Leftist Protestants Rally Against Israel


How the anti-Israel Christian Left is fueling the fires of the Mideast conflict.

How Hamas Terrorizes Gaza’s Citizens


A frightening report by Human Rights Watch.

The Obama Administration and the OIC: The Anti-Free Speech Coalition


Hillary Clinton’s State Department to meet soon with Islamic radicals to work on criminalizing criticism of Islam.

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Obama’s Betrayal of Israel


The delaying game of the 1930s has taught the world nothing.

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