Itzhak Rabin: A Conflicted Legacy


A tug of war between Israel’s political Left and Right.

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The Strategic Failure of the Shalit Exchange


As the jubilation fades, the dangerous reality sets in.

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Silence on Egypt’s Christian Slaughter


Why the lack of worldwide Christian solidarity only encourages more brutality.

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What Iran’s Bluster Hides


Why the Mullahs are willing to engage in brinkmanship but not in a war with Israel.

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Obama’s Disastrous Handling of the Middle East


What voters of New York’s 9th Congressional District were thinking.

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Islamic Hatred Defines the New Middle East


Israel might be the first victim — but not the last.

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The New Turkish Viciousness


The Erdogan government competes with Iran for the spot of greatest Israeli enemy.

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The Arab Spring and Christian Persecution


Where is the media coverage — and international outcry?

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Germany: Israel’s Most Important EU Ally


The nation that perpetrated the Holocaust is now Israel’s best friend in Europe.

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The Fearful New World


London’s mayhem might spread beyond her borders.

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