‘Extremist’ Jews and Christians Are Like Islamists?


The perversity of moral equivalency.

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Israel Not the 51st State


A country’s crisis of identity.

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Is France Safe For Jews?


The French government’s great betrayal.

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The Mainline Protestant Churches and Israel


The divestment campaigns against the Jewish State continue unabated.

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The Disloyalty of the Israeli-Arab Leadership


What does it mean when an Honorable Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel refuses to sing the Israeli national anthem?

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The Euro Crisis and the Decline of Europe


The days of reckoning for decades of cradle-to-grave socialism.

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Is Chatter about Attack on Iran Dangerous for Israel?


Could the Islamic Republic use threats as an excuse to strike first?

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Latin America: Iran’s New Front Against the U.S.


A menacing axis solidifies south of our border.

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Jerusalem: More Than Just a City


A symbol of hope for humanity.

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Israel-Poland: A Sordid Past and a Bright Future


A country with a long history of anti-Semitism has become one of Israel’s closest European allies.

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