Sudan: A Battleground Between Iran and Israel


A budding Islamist romance develops.

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The Growing Iran-Turkey Rivalry


The vacuum left by America’s withdrawal from Iraq brings out an old power struggle.

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A Growing Russian-Israeli Alliance?


What Putin’s upcoming visit to Israel indicates about the realignment of forces in the Middle East.

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A Suggestion for the Israel-Palestinian Impasse


A first step toward progress.

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Time Running Out on Iran


Why the Israeli government believes the West is about to give in.

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Syria: An Alternative Choice


The pro-Western opposition the Obama administration prefers to ignore.

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Obama’s Curious Support for Palestinian Statehood


Turning a blind eye to ruthless repression.

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60 Minutes’ Journalistic Crime of Omission


Concealing who the true oppressors of Christians are in the Middle East.

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Holocaust Memorial Day and European Hypocrisy


Repeating the evils of yesteryear.

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If Jordan Falls


The key to peaceful relations in the Middle East?

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