What’s on Black Voters’ Minds?


A simple question that may be the key to electoral success.

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Obama and the End of Arrogance


With the rejection of extreme leftism, will the president see the light?

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The Left’s Deadly Immigration Game


No end in sight to the mayhem or abuse of the system.

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Who are the Real Racists?


Why does the media have amnesia about the racial derangement and anti-Semitism of black leaders?

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Lies the Left Believes


The warped progressive world of falsehoods and conspiracies.

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The Damage of Obamanomics


Time to own up to almost two years of failed economic policies.

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Losing the Muslim World


Have Obama’s “cultural ties” and “outreach” made any difference in bringing the Middle East out of darkness?

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Casualties of a Race War


How the civil rights group’s manipulation of the race card wreaks destruction.

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LeBron James: Victim of Racism?


Jesse Jackson plays the race card.

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Bulls, Bears and Bailouts


Wall Street is more dependent on big government for gains than ever before.

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