Religious Left Pushes for Arms Trade Treaty


Pacifist churches demand crippling law-abiding countries while the lawless pursue arms at will.

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Religious Left Laments America’s Discovery


Episcopal Church promotes “dismantling the structures and policies based on” the “ancient evil” of our foundation.

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United Methodists: Afghanistan Better Off Under Taliban


The religious Left finds another “evil” of American “occupation.”

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Religious Left Opposes Pressure Against Iranian Nukes


Even a bipartisan symbolic resolution is too much for the saints of social justice.

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United Methodists Reject Divestment


Victory against the anti-Israel Christian movement.

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Methodist ‘Repentance’ for America’s Sins


Religious Left condemns the true source of evil in the world: the United States.

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An Unintended Tribute to Chuck Colson from the Left


A diatribe against the late evangelist highlights his virtues.

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Anti-Israel Christians Pray for Divestment


Left-wing churches fight for boycotting the Jewish State.

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Israel: The Only Safe Place for Christians in the Middle East


Religious Left goes on full attack after Israeli ambassador exposes who the real oppressors of the Palestinians are.

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Leftist Bishop Rejects Anti-Israel Divestment


Some on the religious Left have surprisingly drawn a line in the sand.

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