God’s Federal Budget Priorities?


Why the Religious Left has disdain for budget proposals from Congressman Paul Ryan.

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Obama Mobilizes Religious Left Over ObamaCare


Putting political pressure on the Supreme Court.

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Religiously Disputing Big Government


Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, dissents from Religious Left orthodoxy.

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Christ at an Israeli Checkpoint


Anti-Israel Christians mobilize to identify the Savior with “Palestinian liberation.”

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Green Evangelicals ‘Masquerade’ New EPA Rule as ‘Pro-Life’

EEN Logo.jpg

The Left turns its art of exploitation in a new sinister direction.

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Anti-Israel Christians Ponder Divestment


Left-wing churches turn to a man who describes growing Jewish communities as invasive weeds.

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Britain’s Chief Rabbi Defends Christians


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks urges Jews and Christians to work together to “help Europe recover its soul.”

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Global Warming Faithful Preach the Climate Apocalypse


How the Left exploits religion to attack world markets and keep impoverished nations poor.

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The Religious Left’s 2011 Meltdown


Top missteps of the last year.

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The War on Christmas


The Religious Left’s new target.

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