Jimmy Carter’s Rally for Liberal Baptists Flops


The former president vents his hatred against the rich and “apartheid” Israel.

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Union Seminary Cheerleads Wall Street Occupation


Why liberal Protestantism has imploded.

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Targeting Evangelicals for ‘Palestine’


Christian activists gather to rail against the Jews.

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Left Warns Obama of ‘Holy Hell’ over Tar Sands Pipeline


Does the Gospel counsel against more oil and jobs for America?

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Evangelical Left Blocks George W. Bush Canadian Event

Paul Boers

Progressives’ blacklist on full display.

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Wall Street Occupiers Urged to Target Churches


The Left sets its rage on the virtual root cause of all American evils.

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Occupying Wall Street for God?

Wall Street Protest

The Religious Left anoints the protesters.

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Threatening Divine Wrath Against Israel


The saints of social justice issue dire warnings against supporting the Jews.

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The Religious Left’s Commemoration of 9-11


A telling contrast to a traditional Baptists’ remembrance panel.

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Presbyterians Attacking Israel Again


The Presbyterian Church’s Jew-hate campaign continues with intensity.

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