Presbyterians Attacking Israel Again


The Presbyterian Church’s Jew-hate campaign continues with intensity.

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A 9-11 Homage to Political Correctness


How much “healing” can there be at a jamboree almost exclusively for left-wing multiculturalists?

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Religiously Shaming Dick Cheney?


Does the initial incarceration of three al-Qaeda operatives after 9/11 really qualify as one of modernity’s worst atrocities?

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Jesus, Bombs & Ice Cream


The Religious Left commemorates the tenth anniversary of 9/11 with an anti-American circus.

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Alabama’s Pro-Illegal Immigration Litigating Bishops


Promoting the violation of the rule of law on behalf of illegal alien “sojourners.”

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Religious Left Dreams of a De-Nuked America


Progressives yearn for an America completely exposed to enemy attack.

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Religious Left Stews Over Debt Deal


The unforgivable sin of omitting tax increases.

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The Religious Left’s Photo-Op Martyrdom


Social justice sermonizers “sacrifice their bodies” for the welfare state.

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Exploiting Christianity over Budget Cuts


Religious Left icon Jim Wallis asks Obama to consider what Jesus would cut.

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Baptist Pacifists Trash Israel


Welcome to the Jew-Hate Peace camp.

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