Terror Plot Foiled


The arrest of Rezwan Ferdaus in Boston scores a major victory for U.S. counter-terrorism efforts.

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Embassy Terror in Afghanistan


What a decade of war has achieved.

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Street Heat in China


Protests rock the communist nation.

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Pakistan’s Provocation


Our supposed “ally” arrests the informants who aided the bin Laden raid — and reveals its overriding allegiance to terror.

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The Canadian Left Backs Upcoming Gaza Flotilla


Left-wing political leaders reach out hand of solidarity to terror.

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Darkness in Syria


If Assad falls and the Muslim Brotherhood rises.

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A Crippling Blow to Al-Qaeda

Mideast Egypt Bin Laden

The victory behind the victory of killing Osama bin Laden.

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Libya, Syria and Obama’s Double Standards


When a tyranny poses a direct danger to Israel, it’s “hands-off” time at the White House.

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Protecting the Enemy in Libya?


Are we now assisting the same people who killed our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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The War on Gaddafi


Why the tyrant staying in power is an unacceptable outcome.

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