Tehran’s Lucky Break?


Will a divided Congress lessen the likelihood of confronting Iran?

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Dodging a Missile


California’s mysterious contrail reminds us of our vulnerability to surprise attack.

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A Nuclear Chavez


The Venezuelan strongman takes the next step.

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Red Might Rising


China boldly asserts itself in the waters that America has dominated for almost three generations.

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Target Pakistan


U.S. strikes against the Taliban on its home turf may just be the beginning.

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High Noon in Pakistan


Islamabad interferes with NATO’s war effort — and forces the question of whether it’s a friend or foe.

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Hope Dawns in Afghanistan


New tactics and fresh American troops may finally turn the tide.

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The Future of Freedom


What will military spending cuts mean for American security and the defense of the West?

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The Cost of Chavez


Venezuela descends into chaos while its president blusters.

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Petraeus Gives Mandate to Win


Thanks to the General, U.S. troops no longer have to fight the Taliban with one hand tied behind their back.

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