The U.S.-Supported Terrorists of the Palestinian Authority


Palestinians ordered to pay $655 million to their U.S. victims.

Rep. Keith Ellison: Apologist for Jihad

keith ellison al jazeera

The congressman’s curious theory on the root causes of terrorism.

Terror Apologist Named to Federal Anti-Terror Post


The jihadist sympathies of Obama’s new State Department appointee.

Sessions: Obama Dismantling the Immigration System


Six years of ignoring and unilaterally rewriting the nation’s laws.

Obama White House Partners with ISIS-Linked Group


A curious administration ally in the campaign against “violent extremism.”

The Real Kayla Mueller


Why ISIS’s hostage murdered in Syria last week isn’t quite the saintly martyr Obama and the media are portraying her to be.

ISIS Claims Another American


After screwing up rescue, Obama plans to leverage Kayla Mueller’s death.

Killing Qaddafi: Hillary’s Secret Role


Hillary lied; innocent Libyans and Americans died.

Obama’s Shadow Visa Network


Will Congress rein in the president’s immigration lawlessness?

Obama Funding the Anti-Bibi Campaign

Benjamin Netanyahu

How your tax dollars are being used in the drive to oust Netanyahu — and weaken Israel.